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Getting Back In Shape At 40

Hey there, Jim here again. Well, it’s almost the end of the year, so I think it’s time to start thinking about my New Years resolutions for 2017. I definitely want to make a little more money (which may require finding a new job, which is pain). I also am going to continue my goal […]

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So I finally Tried Relationship Rewind, And It Works!

As all my friends know, my girlfriend of like 8 years broke up with me about 6 months ago. I was pretty devastated at first and even kinda whined to get her back and became super needy and unattractive. Guess what? That certainly didn’t work. So I kinda just gave up on it and decided […]

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My Resolution To Date High Quality Women

I am well on my way to getting in better shape, so now I want to focus on another part of my life, dating attractive women. So – with that said, where do I start. It just so happens that one of my ex-nerd buddies named Richard, has been somehow dating some really cute, successful […]

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