The best CBD products are really dependent on what you, the user are seeking. They are mostly the same, however the method of ingestion will determine how the body processes the CBD. How the CBD is processed, actually makes a pretty big difference when you look at it from a chemical perspective.

Smoking will breathe in the activated endocannabidiol into the lungs, where it goes into the blood stream and the effects are noticeable, almost instantly.

How To Consume CBD

Consumption will have the CBD go into the stomach (some may enter the blood stream via the mouth), and eventually all of it goes into the blood stream to be processed by the liver. The liver then releases the CBD chemical, back into the blood stream for use by the endocannabinoid system.

So the question again, which CBD products are best, is really dependent on the user. If they are all tested to the same standards, then the best CBD for you, is literally the CBD you like the best. It’s that easy.

What CBD Should You Use

For me, it’s definitely gummies, and I can do CBD tinctures in a pinch. I am least interested in smoking, as it hurts my throat and lungs, but that is me.

Why Take CBD

The next question I get is why do I take CBD. For some people it is to relieve stress, for others it’s to reduce soreness, while for me it’s to improve sleep. Cannabidiol’s relaxing properties help me fall asleep naturally and I use it daily.