As a man in his early forties, I can admit that I have had a few run ins with Erectile Dysfunction. There I said it. Now society has trained us guys that we should be embarrassed by this. But guess what? I am not.

It is completely normal for guys my age to have some issues with ED. Get it? It’s normal.

So no need to be embarrassed. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to address it. Far from it. I decided what I first started experience ED, I was going to find a solution, and share it with everyone I knew. So I decided to write this post and share it with as many guys as possible. I encourage you to share this post with other guys also. The more we can educate, the better.

OK back to what I found in terms of dealing with ED. We’ve all seen those commercials for expensive pharmaceutical solutions and I suppose they work, but I always prefer to try natural remedies prior to turning to prescription medication.

In fact, during my research, I found a 100% natural combination of herbs and other extracts that help improve sensitivity and help improve blood flow, all of which contribute to reducing the symptoms of ED.

The solution I found and am sharing with you here today is called Erect on Demand and is the formula for the Peruvian Brew that some teacher discovered during his vacation to the Jungles of Peru.

peruvian herbs

This is where he learned from the tribal elders the ingredients in the erect on demand formula.

He took this knowledge home and started experimenting with different ratios of the main ingredients until he came up the perfect recipe. He calls it the boner brew, which is kind of funny, especially since it does just that.

In fact, he has recently shared this in a powder form called The Peruvian Brew. If you look at the list of the peruvian brew ingredients you will see it is the same recipe as the one found in his Erect on Demand PDF that I mentioned earlier. So get the benefits of his formula all in a convenient, easy to consume powder.

You can see this guy using it here if you are curious about the actual usage:

That video kind of sums up my experience. It works, it is easy to use and it is nothing to be embarassed about.

Even if you don’t suffer from ED, I encourage you to share this post and this amazing solution with all your guy friends.