Hey there,

Jim here again. Well, it’s almost the end of the year, so I think it’s time to start thinking about my New Years resolutions for 2017. I definitely want to make a little more money (which may require finding a new job, which is pain). I also am going to continue my goal of only dating smart, attractive women. That has turned out nicely, and I am glad to have been able to work on my self enough to make this possible.

Getting In Shape Is Harder At 40

Being the big four-o, I am finding it a bit more difficult to just hit the gym and really get the results I am used to seeing. When I was younger, I had so much energy you almost had to pull me out of the gym. Now, not so much. I am motivated enough to go to the gym, but I am not motivated when I am there to really push the weights around like I used to. I really just need more energy, and I know I will have more energy once I am in shape, but for now it’s kind of a catch 22. With all that being said, I am dedicated to get it done. Or at least give it an honest try, right?

The Good News Is Results, Improve Results

It’s not secret that the more in shape you get, not only is it easier to get in better shape (or stay in shape), it is much more motivating as you can actually see the results of your hard work.

So that’s my goal. Workout for 6-8 weeks, regardless if I want to or not, until I see results. Then I will use those results to further motivate me.

It’s OK To Admit You May Need To Supplement

I’ve been a long time opponent of using any sort of dietary supplements. I mean, animals do just find in nature without using anything besides what they eat on a daily basis. But then I started thinking… animals do have a much different diet than us, and maybe they are getting some of the herbs and other things that they natural supplements contain.

This video shares some testosterone boosting herbs & foods:

So maybe it is perfectly natural to supplement, as long as you know exactly what you are eating. If you don’t know what the product contains, simply don’t use it.

Stay Focused

Like I said above, my goal is to start working out, and keep doing it for at least 6 weeks, hopefully 8 weeks. If I see results and get motivated to keep going great! If not, I am still going to put in 6 hard weeks to regardless. I know from experience that once I see results, I will want to keep working out.

Feel free to join me on this journey.. it’s gonna be a lot of work, but hopefully worth it!

Until next time, be good and take care.