As all my friends know, my girlfriend of like 8 years broke up with me about 6 months ago. I was pretty devastated at first and even kinda whined to get her back and became super needy and unattractive.

Guess what? That certainly didn’t work. So I kinda just gave up on it and decided I would move on. I was in a pretty unhealthy place emotionally and started drinking and staying out and even had a few one night stands. But ultimately, I knew that wasn’t going to make me happy.

I even found some sites with advice like this:, but none of really applied to me and my situation.

At the time, I thought my situation was hopeless.

Of course do your own research, but for me, I decided to trust what these guys had to say and went ahead and invested in it – knowing that had a money back guarantee and I had nothing to lose at that point… and it certainly was a better investment than another night out drinking my sorrow away.

Well, I devoured the program and read the whole course twice in one night. It was a lot of information, but it made so much sense to me.

Anyways, after following Ryan’s advice – I knew this program would work so I started applying the steps, one by one and after about 4 weeks my ex girlfriend had agreed to start dating me again. Now we are engaged and happier than ever. So if you are having trouble with a breakup, or are on the fence about Relationship Rewind, I say go for it… I did and couldn’t be happier.