I am well on my way to getting in better shape, so now I want to focus on another part of my life, dating attractive women. So – with that said, where do I start.

It just so happens that one of my ex-nerd buddies named Richard, has been somehow dating some really cute, successful women lately. I just thought maybe he has been getting lucky – but after to talking to him, it was much more scientific than luck. He has been using some program by this dating Guru named Vin Dicarlo. The product was called Pandoras Box, and after seeing his results I knew I had to get it.

There are many reviews of Pandoras Box by Vin Dicarlo, so I read quite a few and decided to take the plunge and invest in improving my own dating life, just like my buddy Richard did.

The program was pretty straight forward and had me identify the eight different types of women, by either observing them or by asking them a few simple questions.

Once I understood more about the woman I was talking to, I was able to demonstrate qualities I already had – which made them almost hard wired to be attracted to me. So I’ve only done this a couple of months now, and while I am not perfect with women, the change is drastic.

I still have some room to go, to get more high quality women in my dating world – but I have definitely made some moves in the right direction.

I may even check out and review Vin’s other new product Dominant Sexual Powers, and I will be sure post here and let you know how it works out for me.

Stay tuned for more updates!